Well, this is just amazing. When this surfing model takes the wave wearing nothing but body paint wet suits, it looks breathtaking and beautiful.. Check out the full video for more details.

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  1. to many perv dogs on here… I just wanted to find out what they used to keep the pain from washing off… alcohol based paint…

    to all the haters, yes the robo voice is bad, but at least you can understand it…

  2. As soon as I heard that annoying robo-voice say the models were wearing pasties and a thong, I immediately moved on to another video, one that is not a Dry Hustle.

  3. Horrible synthetic voice.
    And just a small technical point… if you are going to use a synthetic voiceover then there a few absolutely basic rules you should follow, and which you did not:

    1) Proofread your spelling, because the computer doesn't know what the words are supposed to be and will just pronounce what you write: "maddles", for example, rather than "models"
    2) Punctuation, please. When you fuck up the punctuation your computer starts speaking in stupid, disjointed sentence fragments. Don't do it.
    3) For fuck's sake, listen to the soundtrack before posting your vapid shite, and correct it if it sounds wrong. And if you can't tell the difference between correct and incorrect English, ask someone to listen to it who can.


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