This film explores the thinking of Tom Blake, one of the great pioneers of surfing in the early and mid part of the 20th century. Focuses on how Blake was profoundly influenced by the scientific theories of Albert Einstein, especially his understanding of E=MC2. Tom Blake has had a tremendous influence on a number of water sports, ranging from surfing (he developed the hollow board, leashes, and fins) to sailboarding to paddleboarding. He was a world-class swimmer who was friends with Duke Kahanamoku. Blake was also one of the first to surf Malibu back in the 1920s and lived off and on in Honolulu for years. The film is partially based on Professor David Christopher Lane’s book, Tom Blake: A Surfer’s Philosophy–an excerpt of which appeared in Surfer’s Journal. The movie also explores Blake’s philosophical pantheism where he equates Nature with God and a brief section on Blake’s adoption of vegetarianism back in 1924.The lifestyle million of surfers around the globe enjoy today can be traced, ,at least in part, back to Tom Blake and his visionary outlook on how to live life.




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