Im glad i got this off of my chest. After all these years i finally hit him back up and i never felt better. Share your stories down below i would love to hear them! Thank you for watching! Positive vibes only guys, Thank you all for being so great. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS VIDEO! & Be sure to stalk me on all of my social media accounts

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  1. Im glad i got this off of my chest. After all these years i finally hit him back up and i never felt better. Share your stories down below i would love to hear them! Thank you for watching! Positive vibes only guys, Thank you all for being so great. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS VIDEO! & Be sure to stalk me on all of my social media accounts

    Instagram: @DomoWilsonMusic
    Twitter: @_DomoWilson1
    Snapchat: @DomoWilsonIsBae

  2. Domo please take the time to get to know him! My dad wasn’t addicted to anything that I know of but he lived in the same house as me growing up/ as a little girl and I barely knew him! He was present but absent! I held a grudge for years and now he’s gone he died years ago but there’s not feeling like being mad or upset at someone who is no longer here! All I want to do is tell him I love and forgive him and I can’t. Have boundaries I doubt blame you but love him while he’s here. Love you 😘

  3. I’m glad you put this out there to share! I felt like I was going through the phone call w/you because we kind of have the same story. I haven’t forgiven yet but this has opened me up to want to feel free of everything

  4. My dad has been addicted to meth for most of my 26 years of life and beyond. He has had some sober periods and everything here and there but mostly in the throes of addiction. We have had an awful horrendous relationship because of it, and last year he went to prison because of it. Since he jas been in prison we now talk on a regular basis and it started out with a conversation similar to the one you had. I told him I forgave him and it went from there, so I feel this video on a very personal level. I don't ever want to have that regret if the worst happens of not having peace with him. It is still hard for me to get super attached to him because I'm scared that when he gets out it'll be back to the same thing, I just tell myself that while he is sober I will enjoy it and support him but I will not get my Hope's up that it is the final time he gets sober.

  5. Dominique, I’m going to get real public here. My dad is also an addict, he has been, my entire life. I was so fucking mad at him for years. Years! He was out of my life. Completely, he never came back to visitation when he had them. He never picked us up. Never. He went to countless rehabs. Countless. I could not even tell you how many one day chips he gave me. I hated him. I did. I loved him like no other. Even though he was out of my life. Finally I got to where I didn’t hate him, I understood what he was going through because I had my own little bat with addiction. Listen. I don’t know you. And I’m getting really public here. You want to reach out to him Domo. I know you don’t want to be disappointed. Believe me I know. But you will blame yourself more if something happens to him. I struggled with this so much. I knew knew my dad could die at anytime. He has over dosed at anytime. I knew that. And that’s what I struggled with. You have to know that that’s not him. He has a disease. I’m pursuing this career and it helped me a lot. I just want to tell you, if you need someone to talk to, I’m here. I don’t care. But listen I hope you read this. Please just be there as much as you can. He needs your support. Honestly. I feel you. 🙁

  6. Im super proud of you. Reminds me of my own story with my dad and I try to be there for him even after everything he has done. He hasn't changed and I really regret even thinking he would change. Took my childhood away from me but I always had to keep a fake smile so he wouldn't punish me. Please email me if your interested in knowing more.

  7. Bro 9:45 she hasn't even called yet and im getting emotional 🤦🏾‍♀️😕that music got to me. Like I've never met my "dad" nor that side of the family all I know is I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. And from him I know he recently went to prison for 31 years. As he is on drugs and I guess always has been. I've thought about meeting him or talking to him but idk. I'm scared of his responses. And the resultes.. maybe this will help but.. we'll see

  8. Yayyyy cause I seen your dad he owns this store near me 💯 he honestly told me and my friends for you to call him 😕 idk if this actually your dad that was talking to us but yeaa.!

  9. I grew up with my mom on drugs, no real place to live, etc. It took yrs before I had a relationship with my mom. I had cut her out of my life after my dad got custody me and my siblings at 17. We've had a good relationship the last 22 yrs because she hit rock bottom and reached out to me and apologized for putting me through hell in my childhood. And I told her how I felt. Now we're close and we talk all the time. I pray your father beat his demons and you two can have some type of relationship.

  10. it’s not about you all talking often. If you didn’t reach out and he died or something happened, you’d be feeling worse because you took so long to reach out. And you be be crying and in your feelings about that. At least now you know in your heart that you reach out and you made the attempt to repair. I wish you the best.

  11. I’m not normally one to comment 😬 But this one I can relate too

    the story off my “DAD” I grew up being one off 2 children, me being the 1st born my biological dad left the picture before I was even born. My mum then met someone else they had a good relationship together at the time and the guy took me on as his own child and loved me like I was his! I believe he was even there at my birth…Then my mum and him had a child off there own being my sister obviously and then Chris the guy who loved me as his own then went to jail. He was always in & out off prison while me and my sister where growing up so he wasn’t really there for a lot off our childhood. Chris and my mum eventually split up but the lie still went on and I still was lead to believe Chris was my dad.

    Long story short me and my sister grew up together thinking we both had the same dad, I began to have my suspicion of Chris not being my biological father as I grew older and began thinking about getting a DNA test secretly because i was actually to afraid to ask my mum or Chris if he was my real father. I found out later on in my life through his crazy sister posting a status about me on Facebook that Chris wasn’t really my dad and my mum then came out and told me the truth to my face because she then realised I must have seen this status.

    Chris and my mum always wanted to tell me the truth when I became around 16 but just never had the guts to tell me then I got to the age off being around 20 and it all came out! It broke me but I’ve healed and will forever appreciate Chris for stepping up as my dad and will love him as my dad always! I’m now about to turn 24 and I barely know anything about my real father, I know his name and place off work and actually visited where he worked once with my auntie and he actually stopped and see me for the 1st time, he knew my auntie as she is my mums sister and I think seeing her with me scared him and he walked away.

    He walked out off my life before I was even born and walked away then. I’m not gonna lie I’m a bit angry at him for doing so and would love to know how a man can do that to his own baby before it’s born or after even! Since finding out I’ve just tried to forget about it and move on with my life but today I felt I should tell my story as I do have a dad out there I don’t know who isn’t in my life at all and I know nothing about him really or his side off the family.

  12. That’s awesome !!! love how you approached everything I’m very proud of you , I remember when I was younger I used to call my dad when my aunt from jersey came down just to see how he was doing and stuff and made sure she gives him my pictures I took for him to have ..even though he didn’t reached out to me I was told he always used to talk about me to everybody he gave me the nickname shadow , when I was 12 or 13 my mom finally made the decision to take me to meet him in person because I was very curious about him and turned out a week before I was supposed to go meet him my aunt called my mom saying that my father overdosed I was very heart broken my mom made me stay home and told me great memories of him so I could feel better

  13. I am so proud of you. Like this had me in tears. Atleast you know you were able to tell him how u felt and get this out in the open even if nothing builds from here. But I hope that you are able to have a relationship with him and now you can be at peace

  14. I just gave you a big hug Domo (Hugged the phone) lol. That was a huge step and I’m so proud of you. This video motivated me to talk and forgive my mother she’s going through the same thing as your father and I believe she has cancer as well. I love you Domo!!

  15. Hello domo
    I have never been close to my dad and every time we did meet he would say how much he misses me but then after that day I wouldn’t here from him. I don’t know the truth about why he left me when I was little because my mom and my dad are telling me different. I did want to try with him but every time I would he would disappear I would message him and get no reply back so in the end I just said to myself what’s the point in trying with him when he can’t be bothered to message me back. I do hold a grudge on him but also my mom because I don’t know the truth about him leaving. The last time I heard he took and over dose and was in hospital and that was his sister that told me. I was just wondering if you have any advise for me?
    Ps. I watch all of you video I’m a big fan


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