The government ain’t your baby daddy. Popp breaks down the math, because it won’t be long until we’re all flat broke… except the welfare queens.

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  1. In Detroit they sell their food stamps, work out deals will th single males to get double stamps, use these stamps to trade in for cash, these stores charge them double to get cash back. Then lazy single whore mothers and worthless never had a Job Tyrone can go into these fish and other food joints pay a dollar to have them cook it and they can use their welfare card, it’s so fucked up, Trump put a stop to it for a few months, but now the signs are back and regular business of having the tax payer even cook their meals for them, next they will give them free maid service, 1-800- free Fucking Obama phone. The young male without a father in the home is growing, crime is only going to spiral out of control, and thst’s why punishment needs to keep up with these fucks, now they have some role models, but they want the easy way, the rap artist life trying to get rich, but at least it keeps the population down.

  2. There's a "Sweet Spot" out there between income and benefits. I worked with a guy that used to bitch bitch bitch about not having any money. I was talking one day about how stoked I was over a 20 year old jetski I bought for 250bucks. He kinda sighs and says "must be nice" MoFo has a different truck for every day of the week. No Shit. I've seen the wad he carries in his wallet when he pulls out the EBT card. I don't have that kind of cash ever. His wife is on disability for "alleged injuries" sustained at work. But I know what happened to her and it wasn't that bad. I've had worse. Total system milkers.

  3. When can we simply pull the plug on welfare and all social programs? I suspect we'll first have to limit voting rights (privilege, actually, as voting was never a "right") to those who pay taxes.

  4. Guess the IQ of the black woman talking in the beginning=) I'm guessing 65…this is who you are paying for gentlemen, so that people like her can breed. How does that feel? And because YOU work – she doesn't have to; Welcome to the new feminist world order. Where intelligent and productive people are having less children while the stupid one's are having more but YOU are paying.

  5. For all of human history, the weak have died, and we have been getting better and better because of it. Even a pigeon breeder knows that you DO NOT breed the fucked up pigeons. Eugenics = Natures cure for weakness

  6. With the litany of birth control options, no fault child abandonment laws, abortion etc… and none of these things the man has any say in these decisions… why should we pay for her neglect.
    For every thing that you have responsibility you are also granted authority over. But in child support a man has 100% responsibility for something he has no authority over.
    For every thing for which a man pays, he gets ownership. But in child support he pays for something of which he has no ownership or rights.
    In all contracts there are penalties for breaking the contract for both parties. But in marriage only the man suffers penalties even when its the woman who breaks the contract.
    With the lying deviant manipulative nature of women nothing is safe, nothing is sacred. You simply cannot trust women under any circumstances.
    Guys, do you really know what she is telling her doctor? She could be setting up a case history of physical abuse to use against you in divorce court.
    Safest bet today is MGTOW + vasectomy.

  7. In Communist China if you dont have ana father to sign the birth certificate, no not mom writing the fathers name down. Without that signature the baby doesnt even get a birth certificate. Without that zero public benefits. Guess what no illegitimate children.

  8. The biggest bullshit line I always here is, "I raised x kids all on my own," because she's not including the child support she gets along with her ass being a system surfer.

  9. Why would any woman get an education and then get a job when she can just poop out a baby and make the taxpayer pay her food, rent, and healthcare for the next 20 yrs? What's the point? Where's my male privilege btw?

  10. Right on terrance ,I served my country ,not like what you went through..I found your videos a couple weeks ago,and I'm hooked you speak the truth about these bitches,and I am a product of the child support system in new Jersey, as of now I'm red pill all the way fuck slot C…keep up the great work its making a lot of men realize what's really going on in today's shit society…kudos

  11. I worked in property management for a number of years. I can't even begin to explain the amount of fraud and deceptive bullshit that women pulled off without hesitation.
    Multiple children by multiple fathers…errr…uhhh…sperm donors. Many of them had men that were working living with them or relatives that were working…it's just criminal is what it is.
    We need to be cutting women out of the system they are robbing.

  12. there is one thing giveing welfare to the people who were born there in( your )so called country but is another thing to give it to some 3rd worlder who comes invited to collect welfare ..that really gets on my nerves that money is realy for 50 and over your countries citizens..50 and under get a job

  13. WHITES MAKE UP ABOUT 80% OF THE POPULATION AND BLACKS 13 % and we all are not rich. You said numbers don't lie DO THE RESEARCH! There are more POOR WHITES on WELFARE in this country than any race of people by far because there are more of them. Even if every Black in this country was on welfare the Poor Whites on welfare still have Blacks out numbered by far.

  14. I'd be really upset if I was a taxpayer. The truth is that most men can eliminate or greatly reduce their taxes simply by funding their retirement accounts.

  15. All the women independent my ass. By the way why hasn't President Trump approached this little welfare problem. I mean geez dude at least make them take drug test to get that stuff. Yep just like people who get jobs have to. And don't get me started on how many illegal immigrants are usually in the welfare office. Call me whatever you want but it's the truth. I knew a chick that was married working a full-time job and getting welfare. She used her maiden name for the welfare and her married name for whatever that would benefit her. She was absolutely disgusting telling people and acting as if she deserved it. We are no longer friends.


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