If you know the spot, don’t name the spot please! We keep it simple and uncrowded!

The video is a joke and basically left over B-roll the song is also a joke..

Filmed and edited by Michael Stolz

Jacob Reeve – Cory Keiser – Tyler Galgas – Joshua Shelly – Nick Razo – Julien Durand – Cody Labrum – Other dudes

Toobs Bodyboards

Juicy J – Who Da Neighbors



  1. When many people are saying they hated the song and soundtrack, why not just learn that stupid fucking songs make people not want to watch as much. If you want fewer people watching, keep playing shit like that on the video. Not a fucking cool thing about it. It just sucks ass and my opinion is what makes the world turn. I'm God. Thank you very much! Good night.

  2. Man, the vids now days are just like the surf shops. You used to hear them playing pennywise, lagwagon, all the so cal punk your soul needed. Now you get this untalented repetitive clap trap. Some wanna be gangsta repeating the same meaningless words ad fuckin nauseam. Some cunt is from the lakes I think… Good vid but. Mad break.

  3. @1.08 who thinks he could of gone into a full forward flip and landed. His body did it he just needed to go with his board. Reminded me of Ronk way back in the 90s doing something similar


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