Surfer bro on the news describes what it’s like to get pitted.



  1. Oh Brah it's just like dude.. you get the best barrels ever just pull in .. you just get spit right out of em.. you just drop in, smack the lip WAPAAH! Drop down … BAAAH! Then after that you drop in and just ride the barrel and get pitted 🤙… soooo pitted 🏄‍♂️ like that…

  2. Yeah that shore pound will bounce your head off the bottom and make you say strange things.
    Oh, plus the big sack of weed certainly made him personable for this interview.

  3. Translation:
    "The most perfect conditions create the best waves. There were tons of barrel waves. You just ride your board into the wave and you can just end up on the other side of a beautiful barrel (his board had broken that day so he was likely explaining his experience). After I paddle into the wave, I just drop in like a skateboarder in a skatepark. I, first dropped down, and second I admired the wave barreling around me. The 3rd that happened was when I was in the barrel, I ended up super disoriented. I couldn't get out and this is what happened with my board (his fingers were motioning how his board broke while he was getting pitted.)"

    The guys name is micah peasley he has a wife and a kid. He was featured on a tosh.o web redemption (which didn't explain anything other than that his board broke that day) which truly just humiliated him. He seems like an ok guy.
    Also wikipedia had a glossary of surfing terms.
    i do not wish to spend any more time on this.

  4. You guys realize he was joking. They had an interview with him like ten years later and he revealed he was joking… it was fake. I think its kinda funny that people believe this shit… 😂


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