This is my response to all the hate mail i get for my Surfing VS Bodyboarding video.

enjoy :]



  1. I was waiting to hear something interesting about surfing vs bodyboarding not about surfers and bodyboarders, u better keep moving, don't take a break to make another video please!

  2. @BlakeyProfilio Lol man, somehow when someone who can't spell for their life insults you it just doesn't mean anything. I'll assume you're just another pissed off, drop in type body boarder.

  3. ummm, honestly bodyboarding is…not even in the same league. keep kooking out, spongers, and keep trying to justify that you're legit despite the fact that 95% of you are out there wave humping because you can't surf. quit faking the funk and stand up.

  4. My hobby is to bodyboard,but I think the surf and bodyboard accomplish the same goal,break free and learn to flow with the wave,because that experience will teach you to surf the challenges of life in general,surfing bodyboard and change your life, I'm from chile and I am a civil engineer of mines, and I'm happy when I go to sea and surf waves, especially with my friends,now if anyone answered you are wrong because their age is small enough to have developed some sense.(Thanks google transl.)

  5. just came across your videos, and can't believe the comments, some of these people should have harrassment charges brought against them. if you were my daughter, I'd get some Waianae boys to falsecrack these barneys! show some respect dumb kids!

  6. don´t listen to the jerks, they are only a group of freaks that posibly don't do surf or bodyboarding, but youtube is that… so don't worri about the shit they say, the video make me laugh with all that surfers that look like they were high, and your reasons of why surf is better than bodyboard.

  7. Gee, wth. Everybody still hatin on you. I mean damn, she was just have a little fun aiight. Jus get over it. She cleared it up. Wanna hate? Go ride waves. You dont ride?dont watch the damn video. People nowadays need to grow up.

  8. none of what she says shouldnt matter if you think that spongings all about creating your own fun and drawing good lines on a wave face. everything else in the world shuts down for a good 3 hours when im out there preferrably with only a few sticks and sponges around

  9. Hopefully some people actually read this… Anyone in doubt that bodyboarding takes equal skill to Surfing, Search "Stand up Bodyboarding"; thats right it can be done… and it has been! to bad for all the hating fake wannabees who claim surfing based on that point!

  10. if you really are sorry and you dont care which is better why dont you just delete the vids. growing up on the north shore has taught me respect and i got friends that surf and stuff we all get along. now if they drop in or act like they own the spot then it is a different story. well have fun in Minn. its gonna suck

  11. you all stupid idiots!!! Bodyboard and surfinf……2 diferent sports…….so whats the fucking big deal about the 2 thing!! yas sometimes there fucking surfers think they better or higher then bodydoards…..(those ones are all a fucking faggets and just surf for the look) Not for the love of dropping a good wave……Anyway…….Darling next time think better of what you say when you talking to the all world……

  12. MMMM Ok that was better! nice vid and btw you are gorgeous! another thing i´ve been doing bodyboarding for 14 years but i work in MN too that totally suck! where are ya going in MN? it totally suck from hawaii damn! im spending summer time in Lima – Perú doing bodyboarding and trying to get away from the MN snow!!! prepare your coat you are gonna frezze your ass there! ahahha


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