Finally, we take a look at the hyper-commercialization of surfing today and the branded trannies who sell it.

Mick Fanning Shark Attack:
Kanoa Igarashi, the Young Guns Webisode:



  1. Vicki is so very beautiful and smart , her voice is beautiful, she's smart and cute, I wish I was her pet cat , I would love to purrr and snuggle on her lap every evening , everything would be perfect

  2. Im aussie .. I waited on Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning years ago.. lol I wish I knew then what I know now .. they all seem a bit messed up in the head too.. definitely was not a great white.. wow my mind is blown!!

  3. When I first discovered most athletes are tranny’s I was shocked but someone explained it to me that with females dna you have more balance and flexibility. Then they mix it with male dna and god knows what else for strength and stamina and basically they’re just building super athletes.

  4. Look at 14.35 and turn the picture upside down. Have a closer look at the blackboard… 322, inverted Cross, a head with horns, "4"and so on.. left there is the zig zag line- An other satanic symbol..

  5. Vicky that was simply excellent!
    Every little corner of the cult-ure is infected with these abominations.
    They really made sure we would idolize them one way or another.
    When I was younger I thought laird was the bravest guy in the world forbidding anyone to surf jaws…
    When he thinks about jaws does he thinks first about the wave or her "wife" s jaw?
    Outstanding videos.

  6. ¡Gracias Vici! for offering the tea. I already drank some today. Also, thank you again for your in depth research into this surfing culture and how the trans-witches took it over to promote their Beast king Apollo…. well, this shows you how the world is one big deception that folks just do not want to see for what it really is. Once they see the truth… it will upset all their relationships and the social validation they are so addicted too…. Well, their problem! Thanks again for having the boldness in sharing your findings!

  7. So mercury is also known as quicksilver. So since the beginning Mercury has always been associated with surfing. That is very interesting. I am going to look more into that.

  8. Glad you feel well, great series it pays to roll trans you get plenty of demonic help, CA almost got me fooled, I get headaches when I remember living there … good riddance, sincerely.

  9. Vicky Alex green for 15 years huge profits look him up on Internet and he is no trance can you do Judy Garland g5reatest female entertainer of all time not all big stars in movies sports singers ect. are trance keep that in mind and a lot of trance investigators are wrong

  10. I hate say it,but in 1970 my father bought my first 8 ft surfboard out of a Daytona Beach surf shop.Before that summer was out I was decent.I could ride 10 toes over the front(I can't remember what we called),Daytona could have pretty long swells before beach break.I read every magazine,and surfed until I was in my mid-twenties and had to learn how how to make money.I look back it was strange culture.The story doesn't end here though.I have more on having worked and lived later in on the Big Island of Hawaii.I'm tired tonight sorry.Thanks for that Vicki.I remembered hang ten during the night.


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