Nazare tow-surfingvideo

Nazare tow-surfing

All Menie, Garret Macnamara, Andrew Cotton and Eric Rebiere having fun after de contest source
Mtb on a bodyboard (dirt surfing)video

Mtb on a bodyboard (dirt surfing)

Cheeee source
Malibu Tn by Mr. Blue @ Stallion Show Den Bosch 2018video

Malibu Tn by Mr. Blue @ Stallion Show Den Bosch 2018

Marriët Smit Hoekstra being a one time guest rider of the amazing Malibu Tn (by Mr. Blue) at the stallion show in Den Bosch source
Inflatable SUP Meets Kiteboardervideo

Inflatable SUP Meets Kiteboarder

What do you get when you mix a JP Australia Inflatable SUP board with a kite? source
Amazing Body Surfingvideo

Amazing Body Surfing

Who needs a board when you can surf using just your body? This guy shows off his connection to the ocean as he spins...
The Magic Show Hawaiivideo

The Magic Show Hawaii

Amazing Filipino Magic Show source
Claire's epic wavevideo

Claire’s epic wave

Best. Wave. Ever. source
silver surfer with Davidvideo

silver surfer with David

Description source
Eddie Aikau Surf Contest 2016video

Eddie Aikau Surf Contest 2016

Short movie of some highlight moments at the event. You can get a feel for the energy there that day! Video by: Pat Evans source


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