Surfer Dogvideo

Surfer Dog

Pool surfing dog source
Jeff spicoli ( Surfers Dream )video

Jeff spicoli ( Surfers Dream )

Funny Stu Nahan: Hello everybody! I'm Stu Nahan, and I'd like you to meet this young man. His name, Jeff Spicoli. And Jeff, congratulations...
SUP short.mpgvideo

SUP short.mpg

First go on a so-called Stand Up Paddle Board!!!! trade descriptions Act!! source
Grandpa-style body surfingvideo

Grandpa-style body surfing

My 79 year old father enjoying the surf in Thailand. source
Surfer Dude Interview Get Pittedvideo

Surfer Dude Interview Get Pitted

surfer dude interview get pitted source
Bodyboarding run invideo

Bodyboarding run in

S.U.P. on an old oxbow off the Willamette Rivervideo

S.U.P. on an old oxbow off the Willamette River

Took the Stand Up Paddle board up an old oxbow off the Willamette River. There was just enough water to make it up...
BLUE Body Surfingvideo

BLUE Body Surfing

Kid tries body surfing. Nanny freaks. This is REALLY where it's happening! My MAIN CHANNEL: BillTvMacon BillTv Shirts (UK) (USA) source
movie lookback-surfer dudevideo

movie lookback-surfer dude

After we ranted and raved about how bad Halloween 2 was we take a positive look at a couple of movies source