Tarzan preview as seen on the Mulan home video.

I do not own this video! It belongs to Disney. Just sharing in honour of the 10th Anniversary of Tarzan.



  1. 3:54 On the Mulan VHS, Tina, after saying "I'll be back to tell you a lot more about this exciting new movie…", actually finishes with "…on the home video of A Bug's Life." with a screen showing the title. Where did you find the version where she said "I'll be back to tell you a lot more about this exciting movie next time."?

  2. I'll level with you: I saw part two first, but I didn't understand the articulation when Tina said that we last saw that "on the Mulan home video." Again, I saw part two on the tape for A Bug's Life before I saw this part on the Mulan one.

  3. Very sorry for the delay, both in response and video. My old computer kicked the bucket and I've been unable to get the other video on my new one. I think I finally found a safe program that will let me get it off the disc. I should be able to upload it tonight.


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