Watch how crazy and big Mavericks can be!



  1. Oh my god brah I love megadeath,and metalica does that stuff go any loud rock on brother,oh wait yeah got Pantera,oh yeah long live death metal,long live mustane and distane echo and reverb turn up the radio I wanna hear it got to give me some more,not all of like Mozart while were watch monsters crash on MAVS….to scary for mortal man,marching like a robot swaying to the symphony of destru…sorry I got off track what were talking about again….sway to the symphony of destruction.thanks love the music I'm 54 and a little mosh pit is good for u once in while…piece out…love the music I give it a 52 it a little hard to dance to but catchy…shucks Mr Clark….ur the greatest.just day no to Barry manillo.

  2. the story I read was way back in the day (not sure date) 3 guys would stand on the cliff and watch Mavericks, but not having the balls to try it. Finally one of them did……..and rode Mavericks by himself for 15 years.

  3. This clip has been put in the comedy category by the brainiacs at YouTube….
    What's fucken funny about almost drowning every 8 or 9 minutes?????
    Nice soundtrack champ….got the juices flowing…..

  4. Hard to call someone dropping in on a 50ft wave a kook, but when you run over a guy taking off on the same 50ft wave, well maybe then.. But then again he was inside. That'll show the guy snaking his wave!

  5. holy shit… wtf is that!!! from the beginning to the end never seen anything like this before……
    these guys surfing not normal people must have something missing in their brains!!!
    very well choosen name for the video!!!


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