While on a photoshoot, we decided to do this spoof – check it out!



  1. Ugly? Thats why Mastercraft is the number one all time selling ski/wake boat of all time and when people think of wakeboarding they think of Mastercraft… not Malibu. Everything from the factory paint schemes to the towers are better looking than Malibu's. But thats cool if you still think that way. Do you even have either?…
    Owner of both…

  2. I'm tired of us fighting i have an X30 and i love malibus they are great, even though i like mastercraft better, what we rlly rlly rlly need is a malibu + mastercraft + air natique vs fucking the new chaparral extreme everytime i watch that video it pisses me off even more, seriously go watch it youll see

  3. I hate how people say that malibus are better than MC, or that MC is better than malibu. They both are dirty boats! As long as it pulls me out of the water I'm happy 🙂 . I ride MC though and I have nothing against malibu.

  4. hmmm, I don't know when it comes to wakeboarding which boat is better, but in the waterskiing world Malibu basically eats Mastercrafts lunch anytime it wants. And as I recall when they had a malibu/mastercraft showdown the Malibu team handed Mastercraft its ass

  5. TONS?
    109 employees to be exact kurt buddy. Fact, Mastercraft is doing the 3rd best in there class of boats. Get your facts straight before you start telling your bullshit here.
    Enjoy your buttrockers Boat Malubooboo
    MC for Life <3

  6. dude, we service over 500 Malibus a year and have never had an issue with any hydrophonic dampening boxes. There is nothing special about them besides they help to keep some noise down. The fact you bring it up shows you dont know what you are talking about.

  7. spewing garbage? Thats what this whole video is about… how is ok that you and Zain talk shit but I can't? Your buddy is mistaken, I am in the industry as well with many friends at Malibu, CC, and MC and everyone is hurting however MC is in very bad shape… they owe their vendors over 8 million & have been put on credit hold. They had 72 orders then and could not fill them

  8. Spewing garbage like this is just rediculous. You have obviously spent a great deal of time with bu folks who are, uh well, shall we say biased. bu started all these rumors, it will be funny to see who has positioned themselves correctly for when the economy recovers.

  9. Buddy of mine works at MC, they aren't going anywhere. Relax, check your facts, do you know why CC boats have lumpy floors? How many hydrophonic dampening boxes have you repaired for leaks.

  10. MC is in more debt then any other company in the industry. Their plant has been shut down and the majority of their workers are unemployed. Maybe they should cut back on pwt and pay their employees. Every wakeboat company has their own championship tournaments

  11. Congrats man… good work, you probably spent more time treating the boat then using it. MC is almost out of business anyway so who cares about this video… when they do I bet Zain rides behind whoever gives him the next boat


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