These stories are also called greentexts, all credit goes to the original writers who post these anonymously.

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  1. Kid thinks 250 ug will take him to the shadow realm. Did he even do research. Unless you close your eyes the only visuals you are going to get will be color changes and maybe the cracks in walls will extend. You need like 350+ ug m8. Literally wants to see God and spends like 16 dollars

  2. If DMT doesn't take you to another realm you clearly aren't breaking through, after breaking through once i can thoroughly say i never want to do it again. You can be flying over alien lands and just like in a dream you're so sure it's real, It's so beautiful you cant even imagine it. I doubt the drug one is real but if it is he getting some bunk ass dmt or he aint doing it right

  3. Be me
    12 years old
    At Disney world
    Sick and eating food
    Staying with aunt and cousins
    Aunt isTotal germafobe
    Every one is finished with food
    Half eaten nuggets and used napkins in middle of table
    Quickly pick up napkin to wipe away snot
    Mfw I used my cousins used dirty napkin
    Mfw end up in a hotel for being sick

  4. Be me
    Two hours ago
    Sitting up in my room with the door open
    Go on internet
    Look at some stupid shit and start jacking it
    Blanket covering my lower body but blanket is making noise from it
    Dad comes home and walks to my room but I don’t here him
    Looks at me while I jacking off but I don’t notice until he says hi kiddo
    Immediately stop
    Really embarrassed
    Think of how to die

  5. A brazzilian in 4chan i thought i was the only brazzilian that used it (well i actually only watch these videos because they're kinda funny to me ,never been to 4chan in my life)


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