big waves and low tide make a dangerous reef wound situation surf in hawaii big island



  1. can you here my cousin puking and crying he dosent want to lookat it. 40 secs in.thanks for looking.Go to" kona boys"for the largest selection of new and used surf boards and new surf gear,dont forget kayaking stuff.thanks guys n gals for watching

  2. fuck yeah it hurt like a bitch but the surf was to good that day to stay out of the water. to the guy who doubted me paddeling back out ,fuck yeah i did !stupidest idea ever ended up getting a staff infection,out for three months.big island dosent get that good all the time so wen its good man up or sit on the beach and work on your tan.check out "kona boys"surf shop,tellum pono sent you!
    thank skatebrdkid for this vid dats my brada


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