A look into one of the most dangerous surf gangs in New South Wales, Australia. Featuring the surfies Blinger (Cory Sleep), Gnarlo (Noah Brown), James (Mitchell McFee) and their gang leader, Big Macca (Nic Layton).

While taking a break from the rough and long shooting schedule of ‘Leighton & Clayton’s Quest For Web Stardom’, Nic gathered a gang together and created this mockumentary on his local town.

This Floppy Production went on to receive local acclaim, being featured in ‘The Lennox Wave’ magazine, where all the boys were interviewed for an exceptional article! You can read the article at the Floppy Productions Facebook here:

Starring Mitchell McFee (Suspection Of Annoyance, Leighton & Clayton’s Quest For Web Stardom) and introducing Cory Sleep and Noah Brown, this ridiculously over-the-top impersonation of surf culture is sure to put you right amongst the waves! Just chill, dude!

© Floppy Productions 2013.




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