High Surf Advisory off the coast of Ocean Beach, CA.

Great timing for the camera, horrible timing for the surfer.



  1. This is definitely Osprey at Sunset Cliffs. That kooked out longboarder has no business trying to surf here in the first place, its better he made a fool of himself before he tried to get in the water.

  2. LOL…Dude ,check out my new board…..Fat guy, nice ,let me try it out ,…..Dude,ok,but dont ding it……..Fat guy,bra,no worries……….LOL……notice the guy did not even look at the fatguy,he went right for the board…..

  3. LOL that happened to me yesterday. I was talking to my buddy asking him if he was gonna paddle back out and when I turned around 5ft white water slammed right at me and I disappeared.


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