What’s this? Two movies in one episode? Has the whole world gone mad!?

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  1. For what it’s worth, I actually DO like the 2004 Fantastic four movie. Sure, it’s not Endgame ; but as its own self contained thing it’s pretty enjoyable. That being said, I’m a HUGE fan of the Cosmic Marvel stuff, and needless to say, what Silver Surfer did to Galactus does nothing short of piss me off. I will give it credit for two things: Laurence Fishbourne/Doug Jones’s performance as the titular Silver Surfer, and having the good sense to not ruin Nick Fury for the following year’s Iron Man by having an original character in the Clonel.

  2. ROSS could be better and should have been. This said, it was OK. Better than the first, most of the performances were still well below the ability of the actors. The Surfer was a complex character in comics with a complex character arc though you couldn't see it here.

  3. I know why they created the Fantastic 4 comic, one guy from Marvel Comics went golfing with a from DC Comics and the DC guy told him about Justice League, and the Marvel guy brought back the idea to Stan Lee, but instead of putting a team together they created one. But why ???

  4. Holy hell man… I saw the Silver Surfer movie when I was still relatively young and I didn't really remember anything about it, but the military personal's intelligence level in this movie may compete with the Cyclos in Battlefield Earth for the dumbest characters ever. Yup shit is going wrong that we don't understand and can't control… so where's that guy from the first movie who tried to kill everyone and destroy New York? Oh and by the way, lock up those people who stopped him and treat them like the enemy while essentially giving the guy who tried to kill New York free reign to do whatever he wants in a high security Military installation!

  5. I remember te silver surfer cartoon, in that Galactus mind-wipped the surfer so that he would have no conflicts about being his herald, which would have worked as an actuall explanation for why he didn't think to betray Galactus.

  6. I heard that the makeup effect for Doom, after he stops being a statue, at the beginning didn't turn out well.
    The studio thought that it looked too gruesome for young audiences, so they got the makeup artist to keep changing it and in the end apparently all the changes made it look like something from a bad Power Rangers episode.

  7. …check me if I'm wrong, but, in the comics, didn't the Surfer HAVE virtually unlimited power, due to wielding the Power Cosmic (bestowed to him by Galactus as a result of being one of his Heralds)? I mean, wasn't that the very reason in the comics why Doom stole the Surfer's power, BECAUSE it was so near-godlike (at least in the 1994 FF cartoon, Doom used it that way, like turning day to night, summer to winter, changing stone gargoyles into living creatures)?

    And even when he did NOT fully possess the power he once did as one of Galactus' Heralds, Silver Surfer was NOT someone you laughed off (though he still could be vastly outclassed, as Surfy once found out when he tried to take on Thanos).

  8. I might regret asking this but what did Sean mean when he said "This is when every teenage boy in the audience moved their popcorn bucket into a strategic position?" I really would like to know.

  9. I know Micheal's voice was sooo sore after he was done doing Thing's gutteral voice as for Susan & Doom neither of them indicated they they were dating so I'm going to assume that they weren't. After all why would a classy woman like her date a tyrant like Doom she even said when she confronted him "Victor you always thought you were a god."

  10. Well in comics Surfer could do pretty spectacular things and he has a huge range of powers. For example he once took radiation from Bruce Banner body so he was "cured" from Hulk. So it makes sense that he was able to left Johnny without his powers but yeah, i agree that moves itself never told us this.

  11. I saw the first movie in theaters and I remember the invisibility scene on the bridge actually having a purpose. Sue went and grabbed Ben after his fiancé rejected him. Did they cut that out for the dvd or did I just fall asleep and imagine it.


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