Sunday, March 29, 2020


Record: surfer surft Panamakanaal over

Surfend het Panamakanaal oversteken, golfsurfend wel te verstaan. Dat klinkt sterk, maar het kan. Surfkampioen uit Panama, Gary Saavedra, deed het. source

Super Surfer Fail

Surfing gone wrong Hawaii source

Watch me play Subway Nano Ninja Surfer via Omlet Arcade!

Watch me play Subway Nano Ninja Surfer via Omlet Arcade! Follow me for more: #OmletArcade #SubwayNanoNinjaSurfer source

Jersey Shore Surfer Shares Wave With Pod of Dolphins

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Jimmy Leone had some company in Long Branch while surfing. Check out this awesome video shot by Geoff Glandt! Go...

Vlog 39: Drugs-dealing Surfer Douche

Pain pills due to angry moving inflicted by rude Jamacan douche you think it's douchey? source

When father plays PUBG Son plays subway surfer like this !!

Video from Rajat Gupta source

surfer jumps off pier then almost drowned

Stupid ass kid thinkin hes all cool, jumps off the pier without a surfboard and gets completely ravaged by a wave. He was alright,...

How to do a hippy-surfer accent

This vid fails... What accents should I do next? source
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