Sunday, February 17, 2019


Joe le surfer


Surfer Gets Hit by Stray Board

This surfer was shredding the waves when suddenly a board up from the water and hit him in the head. He was then instantly...

Surfer Dog

Pool surfing dog source

Surfer Dude Interview Get Pitted

surfer dude interview get pitted source

movie lookback-surfer dude

After we ranted and raved about how bad Halloween 2 was we take a positive look at a couple of movies source

How a 1 year old plays subway surfer.

Her sound effects always crack me up. source

Juan #1| VintageSwag Surfer

Pls like and subscribe. source

Surfer Room

MPs first look. source

Dolphin Jumps on Surfer

It was a beautiful day out on the water for some fun. This surfer was making his way over the waves when a dolphin...
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