Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Body surfer

Body Surfing with the Pacific waves

Rough Ocean waves and rip tides...made my day! source

Body surfing Waimea bay


Body Surfer Winnie


Body surfing record :))))))


Nathan body surfing a sailboat

There may or may not have been scotch involved with this incident. source

body surfing dans le bus

Body surfing dans le bus.. source

Earl, Rian and Chase body surfing at Great Wolf Lodge on...

Watch as Earl busts it and Rian gets up on his knees. This was at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. source

Epic Body Surfing in Venice Beach

My buddy Colby is one killer body surfer. Got to shoot him body surfing on one killer day in Venice Beach. source

Surf de jacare, surf de peito, body surf

Uma surfada num mar mais ou menos, praia do Lagamar e Barravento. Vou aproveitar as férias de janeiro pra caçar um mar melhor e fazer...
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