Saturday, April 20, 2019

Body surfer

Drone Shark App spots another Shark at Tamarama close to surfer...

Perfect example of how Drone Shark App works. We hope to have this set up on beaches known for shark attacks all around the...

Body Boarder Does Huge Flip on Wave

This body boarder took on a huge wave at a beach in Portugal and came out the winner as he did an awesome flip...

Strangest Ways – Wedge Bodyboarding

If you know the spot, don't name the spot please! We keep it simple and uncrowded! The video is a joke and basically left over...

low tide surfing reef wipeout

big waves and low tide make a dangerous reef wound situation surf in hawaii big island source


Fish hits Indonesia for a little surf session... source

World record at the Mandalay wave pool

World record for body surfing at the Mandalay Bay in Las vegas nevada. source

Maui bodysurf clan

B source

Tips for teaching little kids to surf

These are some of my tips that have been successful teaching little kids to surf.... Subscribe to my channel here: Follow me on Twitter: source
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